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Fredriksbergskolan Falköping, Monday February 2nd 1987.
It's 8:20 a.m. and the first class of the day has just begun. Swedish with Britta Rupert.

The noise is almost deafening as the students tumble through the door chattering about the weekend's adventures. Britta, the teacher taps the chalkboard with her pointer and urges the students to take their seats. Silence quickly sets in and Britta is just about to start today's lesson when the door suddenly flings open and a lean teenager stumbles in. The time it takes him to sit down at his desk and take off his Sony Walkman headphones feels like an eternity. Britta is starting to get a little impatient. Once the kid sinks down on the chair, a neon pink belt is exposed around his waist... A stark contrast to his black Kiss t-shirt with the Animalize album cover printed across the chest.

Right there and then everyone in the class knows that he has done something forbidden! He has crossed an invisible but oh-so-clear line; the one between synth and hard rock. He has made an impossible mashup! A belt with a color and style that belongs to a completely different world. Everyone who grew up in the 80s knows that this can be compared to, for example, supporting both Man U and Liverpool in football or liking both Star Wars and Star Trek equally...Completely unthinkable.

At the time of writing, it is November 2022 and planning is in full swing for Nestor Fest 2023. Of course we want to do this again with you! But unlike the schism  in 1987, we believe that synth and hard rock will match perfectly today!

Nestor Fest will therefore be a tribute to all of the 80s and the traditions of those days. So regardless of whether you were a hard rocker or a synth lover back in the day, you are most welcome to Nestor Fest 2023.

So let's once again party like it's the last night of the summer holidays in 1987, in happiness and harmony and with a hell of a lot of good music!


Tobbe, Mackan, Jonny, Mäla & Mattias

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