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NESTOR Returns To Their Hometown For Exclusive Gig This Summer!

Last year the five childhood friends of NESTOR from Sweden revived the band they once started back in 1989, after more than three decades of dormancy. Their mission was to restore and reinvent the magic of the music that once brought them together. This summer they will return to their geographical roots in their hometown of Falköping, Sweden for an exclusive live performance in Folkets Park*.

(* EXPLANATION: A “folkpark” is a very Swedish phenomenon that most towns in our country have, an outdoors people’s park of sorts, usually with a bandstand, that has a long history of being a traditional concert venue during the beautiful Swedish summer for many performers on the touring circuit. It’s popularity was at its height during the 1980s and has somewhat waned through the years...)

NESTOR recently released their acclaimed debut album “Kids In A Ghost Town” that includes the singles “On The Run”, “1989” and “Tomorrow” (Feat. Samantha Fox). They have already been booked for several big summer festivals, and are also part of the line up for the reputable Monsters Of Rock Cruise that sets sail through the Caribbean next week, together with Alice Cooper and many other esteemed rock acts.

From palm trees and beaches in the West Indies to lilac bushes and cobblestone streets in West Gothland of Sweden - these things might seem worlds apart. But for NESTOR it’s a given thing and only natural to always have their hometown in mind, and remember where they came from, even when aiming for world domination. NESTOR are not only reviving the hard rock music of the 80s but now also the beautiful location of Folkets Park in Falköping.

The purpose of restarting NESTOR has always been to embrace and rekindle the passion and the joy in the dreams of becoming rock stars that they had in their teens, and this time around invite as many as possible to join in on this nostalgic trip both back and forward in time. This is the next step on that journey, an amazing open celebration where anyone and everyone is welcome to participate, both the local population, and fans from all over the world.

The last time that the “folkpark” was filled to the brim was specifically during the heydays of the 1980s, with Swedish celebrities such as Roxette and others playing live. The audience record is held by Swedish pop star Orup, who in 1988 drew a crowd of over 5 000 people! In other words, it’s time to fill the venue to the max again - and maybe set a new record?

More info to come - tickets on sale April 1st!





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