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Nestor Next - Music Competition

Growing up music competitions had a huge impact on our band. Participating gave us the opportunity to play at real venues and serious stages in front of engaging crowds and made us think about our performance and step up our game.

Now we want to give that same chance to a new generation of bands, to give something back to the rock scene. Nestor Next is a music competition where the grand prize will be to play at Nestor Fest 2023 in our hometown Falköping this summer! Like True 80s Rock Stars!

Mainly this competition is aimed towards bands in our home region of Falköping and the Skaraborg County and Västergötland province in Sweden, and competitive tryouts will be held locally at O'Leary's in Falköping in the next couple of months, but of course the application is open for anyone who wants to try their luck!

All you need to do is submit one of your own original songs and film your own interpretation of our song "Kids In A Ghost Town". So read more and apply now at

Skärmavbild 2021-10-30 kl. 12.02.07.png



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