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Kids In A Ghost Town Deluxe Edition

The unanimously acclaimed debut album from Swedish nostalgic rockers NESTOR is getting a re-release. After signing with Napalm Records earlier this year the band and label decided to give new life to the record, with new music and new cover art.

The deluxe edition, that will be released on digital, CD, vinyl and cassette includes the latest single “Signed In Blood” that was released this spring, a song based on a true friendship that can be traced back to the band’s humble beginnings in 1989, before the three decade long hiatus that lasted until their reformation and glorious return last year.

Two additional songs round out the enhanced track list. The somber and reflective “A Losing Game” contains so many key changes that it will bring tears of joy in the eyes of anyone that listens to it (even the guys in Ultravox)! And the cover version of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” sounds like the perfect summer fling lovechild between Whitney and Van Halen!

A great album has become even greater! The deluxe version of “Kids In A Ghost Town” will be available on September 30th everywhere. Even in your Walkman!

Skärmavbild 2021-10-30 kl. 12.02.07.png



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